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We are sisters Cola & Rochelle Bennett, the Founders of U.P. Beauty, a Natural Skincare Company in Ontario Canada. 

Since 2014, we’ve been cautiously crafting the best natural beauty products to help share our mission and help you achieve your skincare goals. 

After a major loss in our family and struggling through a year of depression and anxiety, we realized the importance of self-care to help us through the most difficult times. This led to the creation of our natural skincare line, U.P. Beauty. 

If you've ever struggled with self-care, either from being too busy or overwhelmed, we understand. After our personal experiences all we wanted was to feel free in our own skin again and fall in love with the journey. 

Living a well-balanced lifestyle inside and out doesn't need to be stressful. Your self-care journey awaits, and we hope our products can be a part of your process.

Watch the full video on our journey below.

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